Grow your firm faster by providing subscription based legal services

Fixi subscription software allows any firm to offer and
service limited scope subscription legal services from your current website.

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Offer your clients subscription based limited scope services

Fixi already works with your existing website. Simply determine what services you want to offer, such as regular consultations, document reviews, or document downloads and clients can log into a client portal and utilize those services.

Fixi handles all of the billing, credit card charges and only allows clients who are current on their payments to use their benefits.
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How it works


Setup your subscription value proposition

Our team helps you determine a unique value proposition to offer your monthly subscribers. This could be limited consultations, document reviews, access to common legal documents, or even customized work such as letters and notifications to help resolve legal issues.

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Setup your client portal

Fixi will create a custom client portal branded for your firm that allows paid subscribers to gain access to the benefits you provide them. Only currently paid clients can access the benefits and services your firm provides to subscribers.

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Get paid automatically


Fixi’s system allows clients to sign up for a subscription on your website 24/hrs a day. What’s more, Fixi using a sophisticated dunning process to make sure that expired and lost credit cards do not cause you lost revenue. The system will continuously reach out to clients to update their payment method so you don’t have to.

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Grow your firm exponentially

Under a traditional billable hour model, law firms typically start a given month at zero revenue. With a subscription model, the revenue compounds based on the total number of existing subscribers + new subscribers acquired in a given month. Grow your subscriber base and you grow your predictable recurring revenue.
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Professional services by subscription are growing

Consumers and small business are paying subscriptions for everything from food delivery, to cars, to fitness and various professional services business. In Europe, it is estimated that approximately 9 billion Euros was spent on legal insurance (monthly premiums). Firms can take advantage if this emerging trend toward collaborative consumption economy by offering their own subscription services to their clients.

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