How Can Fixi Plans Help Your Law Firm?

We can help you create recurring revenue, lower the barrier of entry for those that wish to hire you & automate all of the operational matters.

check1Recurring Revenue

Recurring revenue allows you to worry less about the next retainer and focus more on helping existing clients.

check1Upfront fees

Upfront fees are a big hurdle for clients to overcome. Spreading payments over time helps improve access to your services.

check1Proactive services

When clients subscribe to services, you can be more proactive in how you help them resolve their legal issues. Less stress, more meaningful work.

check1First point of contact

When clients subscribe to your law firm, you become their first point of contact. That means that you essentially have the first right of refusal on any legal matter that they will need help with. Keep it or refer it out, you get the cases you want.

check1Eliminate your accounts receivable

Under a subscription plan, you can eliminate your accounts receivable thus increasing your cash flow and decreasing the amount of time you chase money owed to you. Clients only receive service when their account is current.

check1Annual growth

Imagine having 100 subscribers at $49/mo. Then imagine 200, now 300. Consumers and business are comfortable subscribing to a variety of services. Your scale is virtually unlimited.

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Fixiplans is changing the way law firms are providing legal services. We know the change is big but freeing your firm from from a traditional model will help you scale, earn more and proactively service your clients. Try Fixi Plans for free when we launch.

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