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Consumers and business are subscribing to a variety of services, including legal services.

By offering your clients a subscription service, you are able to create recurring revenue for your firm, offer your clients lower costs, but actually increase your profitability.

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Your Plan’s Features

Our platform is flexible enough to allow you to offer practically any limited scope service you would like. Common subscription benefits are limited consultations per month, doc reviews, letters or calls. Our team will help you setup a subscription plan that resonates with your audience.


When a new legal issue arises, simply login to schedule a consultation with an attorney by phone.

mobileUnlimited calls with an experienced attorney.

The primary benefit of having a law firm on subscription is the ongoing advice. Allow your clients to schedule calls with you in an automated way, by logging into their subscriber portal. Clients can’t see your other obligations, only your available times.

doc_review-2Unlimited document reviews.

You can provide, unlimited or limited doc reviews as a subscription benefit. Clients will be able to upload the document securely and then schedule an appointment to discuss your findings at a time convenient for you and them.

check1Attorney Letters/ Phone Calls

Offer and automate services like sending a letter or making a call to help your clients resolve minor legal issues.


Although your firm operates during regular business hours, all members have the ability to contact attorneys and send documents 24/7 through the client dashboard. This allows your subscribers to have the flexibility to work on their schedule and reduce the possibility of attrition.

libraryLegal forms library

You could choose to provide your members access to an online legal document library, allowing them to create and share online legal documents with you for review. The documents are vetted by you so you know they are good.

letterIdentity and Safeguard IP

Integrations with other services are possible on the Fixi Platform. Your clients will get access to Traklight, a service designed to analyze, protect, and monetize a business’ IP.

calendarAdditional Benefits of Your Plan

If you have specific benefits you would like to offer your subscribers, you need only imagine them. Our platform can integrate or host just about any offering you would like.


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